Emission Control

Emission Control

Are YOU in compliance?

Affordable Generator Services understands how important emission control and AQMD compliance are to the environment and your business. The California Clean Air Act and the Federal Clean Air Act have established health-based air quality standards for states, cities and counties to reduce emissions from business and industry. Non-compliance may cost your business thousands per day. Especially vulnerable are businesses within 1000 feet of schools and child care facilities.

AGS Offers Emission Evaluations

We offer a Free Inspection and Consultation on how to meet AQMD standards with your current equipment. Our review includes the items listed below and complimentary documentation needed for your maintenance records required by the AQMD to satisfy your generator run time log:

Get Started:

For elimination of particulate matter known as soot, from diesel exhaust, we install AQMD certified particulate matter filters. Let us choose the right filter for your application. Contact us today for a reliable and affordable power solution for your business.