“Unexpectedly, one of our units that was within 500 feet of a school was inspected and found to be out of compliance. We were untrained in AQMD standards and had no idea what we needed to do to comply. AGS came right out and gave us the information we needed for after treatment and we received preliminary approval on our plan for compliance. AGS helped us avoid big fines and a costly generator replacement! We were so happy with their service, we awarded them our preventative maintenance contract for the coming year.”

Local Municipality,

“We were advised by Edison that they had a planned power outage coming our way that would last at least 10 hours. We tested our backup generator and it quit working after 5 minutes! Panicking we called AGS and they responded immediately and within a few hours had installed an emergency generator and while the back-up was connected, they repaired our generator. They impressed us by showing up during the outage to make sure everything was running smoothly! Their expertise and professionalism was a pleasure to work with.”

Major Hotel Chain,

“Even though we have extensive experience in metal reclamation, we partnered with AGS because of their expertise in selective removal of sensitive high value electrical gear. If it’s not removed correctly, it can’t be resold and becomes scrap. Their efficiency and creative project management model ensures success and a lucrative return on our investment. We continue to reap the benefits of their ability to deliver even under the most difficult time constraints and circumstances.”

National metal reclamation and selective demo company,

“As part of the City of Santa Fe Springs Neighborhood Center renovation and modernization project, AGS consulted city staff on developing portable generator specifications that were compatible with the facility’s new electrical infrastructure and emergency power requirements. AGS demonstrated both the technical knowledge and experience to understand our needs, as well as being sensitive to the city’s budgetary constraints. The City of Santa Fe Springs is pleased to recommend AGS to other customers planning to purchase a portable generator.”

Joe Serrano, Council Member, City of Santa Fe Springs,