Generator Service

Generator Service

At Affordable Generator Services we offer service and maintenance plans for commercial-grade industrial generators and equipment. Using our maintenance plans allows you to extend the life of your generator and have reliable power when you need it the most.

Our service technicians are highly skilled Journeyman mechanics and are adept at troubleshooting and solving your generator problems.

“Service with Accountability” is not just a motto, it means we customize service plans to your specific application, and then we take the responsibility for contacting our clients to schedule the required maintenance they need. Our method resolves issues before they become emergencies!

Choose the plan that is right for you from our services below or give us a call for a custom option.

AGS Provides Expert Service Plans:

Minor Service Maintenance (65 point inspection)

Minor Service Maintenance is a thorough 65 point inspection. Performed monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or tailored for your application and includes inspection of the following:

  • Generator end and controls
  • Intake, exhaust system and ducts
  • External charging system
  • Fuel storage system
    • Generator set package
    • Cooling system
    • Starting system
    • Transfer switches
    • Engine and controls
    • Remote fuel systems

Major Service Maintenance

Major Service Maintenance includes the comprehensive 65 point inspection plus oil and fluid filter change. Performed annually, or every 200 hours, whichever comes first.

Additional Service Plans:

  • Load Bank Service verifies the generator set integrity is up to rated output and assists your business in¬†meeting regulatory standards under NFPA and JAYCO rulings.
  • UPS Service ensures your system will be kept continuously online.
  • Motor controls cleaning and service removes incursions and prevents degradation of your motor.
  • Fuel Cleaning keeps your fuel free from accumulation of water, rust, and bacteria.
  • Cooling System Service is performed every six years according to manufacturers’ specifications and includes: All belts and coolant hoses; hose clamps; radiator cap; coolant thermostat and seals; remove and replace antifreeze; and pressure test of entire system.
  • Any custom service plan you need, we can deliver. Call us today to discuss how we can customize a plan according to your requirements and/or needs.

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